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Details Of the Project:

Wallace Ar Condicionado
Web Development
2019 - Moment
We employ advanced SEO strategies and meta tags to increase Wallace's visibility on the web and facilitate its discovery by users. The pursuit of excellence is evident in the optimized performance of the site. We use the Minify tool to refine JavaScript, providing a faster and more efficient user experience. In addition, all images have been formatted in .webp, speeding up loading time without compromising visual quality.

The site is enhanced with special features and custom functions, making interaction smoother with the use of CSS3. In addition, we implement specific techniques to improve accessibility, making the site more inclusive and easy to use.

Action, Evolution and Transformation!

Site developed for a company specialized in Automotive Remap, with a series of advanced features to meet the specific needs of this sector.

  • Rebranding and Responsive Design
  • Advanced Dynamic Interactions
  • SEO and Optimized Meta Tags
  • Turbo Performance with Minify
  • .webp Images for Fast Loading
  • CSS3 for Smooth Interactions
  • Inclusive Accessibility
  • Excellence in Web Performance