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Details Of the Project:

Cfc Aba
Web Development
2015 - Present
We implemented a navigation bar with exclusive icons, specially customized for the site. In addition, we adopted advanced strategies for tracking visitor activities through Meta Pixel. JavaScript and we conducted advertising campaigns on Google Ads to maximize online presence.

We also ensured compliance with privacy regulations by including a privacy cookie notice. To enhance interaction with visitors, we created a form in .php with Google's reCAPTCHA integration, ensuring the security of communications.

To provide social proof and reliability, we added a page of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Simplicity, elegance and innovation!

To highlight the services, we created cards and slides with animations, graphics and high quality typography, taking advantage of the vast collection of fonts from the Google Fonts library.

  • Exclusive Icons
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Google Ads Ads
  • Cookie Notice
  • Secure Form
  • High Quality Animations
  • Premium Typography
  • Customer Testimonials