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Project Details:

  • Client: Xpand Consulting
  • Date: 2021 - Moment
  • Project: Web Development
  • Status: Complete
Exploration, Discovery, and Action!

The Xpand website has undergone a rebranding process. The responsive design includes the implementation of the navbar and the addition of dynamic interactions.

To ensure that users can easily find Xpand, we have employed advanced SEO techniques and meta tags. Our commitment to excellence extends to the website's performance. We use the Minify tool to optimize JavaScript, ensuring better performance. All images are formatted in .webp, improving loading times without compromising quality.

The domain has SSL to ensure user security, including end-to-end encryption. The website is hosted on our Linux VPS server, providing a robust infrastructure, HTTP/2 performance, and low latency. Special features and custom functions make interaction smoother with CSS3, and techniques have been used to enhance accessibility.


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