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Powerful Reprogramming
Ux / Ui Design

Project Details:

  • Client: Powerful Reprogramming
  • Date: 2015 - Moment
  • Project: Web Development
  • Status: Complete
Technology, elegance, and innovation!

The objective was to create an impressive online presence that reflected our client's technical excellence.

We used scripts.js, jQuery, and plugins.js to add advanced functionalities and particle interactivity in JavaScript. We designed a NavBar for easy navigation. We incorporated custom typography and used Font Awesome for modern icons.

The modernization of technology was crucial for this project. We implemented Modernizr and Isotope to ensure compatibility and efficiency. To optimize search engine visibility, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy and canonical tags. Images in .webp format, with custom alt tags, using the attribute loading="lazy" to enhance page loading performance.

The head section was configured with all essential information, including meta tags, titles, and descriptions, and we created custom grid-item-holders to highlight the company's services.


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