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Portfolio Padrão Condominial

Details Of the Project:

Padrão Condominial
Web Development
2019 - Moment
Landing Page created for a professional syndicate company. We used advanced frameworks and incorporated elements such as full-screen slider/banner, images in .webp format for performance optimization.

To facilitate visitor contact, we developed a secure form in .php, with the addition of cookie security measures. In addition, we took advantage of advanced resources, such as bootstrap.min.js, jquery.min.js and js/owl.carousel.min.js

Efficiency, innovation, and experience!

Navigation is simplified with a navbar-nav-mobile menu and well-organized sections to highlight the main aspects of the services. We also included media elements, such as video in .webm format

  • Advanced Frameworks
  • Full Screen Slider
  • Optimized Images
  • Secure Form
  • Cookie Security
  • Bootstrap and jQuery Resources
  • Mobile TabBar
  • Advanced Media Elements