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Details Of the Project:

Eu e você no trânsito
Web Development
Eu e você no trânsito
We are proud to present our one-page informative website project dedicated to raising awareness about traffic safety. This site is an example of how we can use modern technologies to promote important information and save lives.

We used Font Awesome to add elegant and informative icons, making navigation and understanding easier.

The integration of prettyPhoto allowed the presentation of images and videos in an attractive and interactive way. We used OWL Carousel and Swiper to create highlight carousels and testimonials that enrich the user experience.

Informative, elegant, and educational!

We incorporated YouTube videos to present inspiring and educational stories about traffic safety, making the content even more engaging and impactful.

  • Awareness that Saves Lives
  • Informative Icons with Font Awesome
  • Interactivity with prettyPhoto
  • Dynamic Carousels with OWL and Swiper
  • Inspiring Stories on YouTube
  • Modern and Functional Design
  • Intuitive and Accessible Navigation
  • Impactful Educational Videos